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Finally, after much procrastination, I have started my blog!  And what better way to start than with gelato.  Not just any gelato.  My home-made gelato.  I know.  Anyone who’s been to Italy and had gelato there is probably thinking, “No way.”  But let me tell you, the Pistachio Gelato I made is by far the best I’ve had in the city.  No artificially enhanced green colour either.  In my quest to make gelato as authentic as possible, I did a little reading on the differences between gelato and ice cream.  They are quite substantial with the first and most important being the taste between the two.  While ice cream is richer and creamier than gelato, the latter is more powerful in flavor.  Ice cream is served at a much colder temperature and has a higher butterfat content (ice cream’s main ingredient is cream vs. milk for gelato).  Gelato is churned more slowly than ice cream and freezes during this process , therefore allowing for less air being whipped into it and preventing ice crystals from forming.  I was surprised to learn that because of this slow churning process, gelato contains 25 to 30 % air whereas ice cream is made up of 50% air!  No wonder gelato is much more intense in flavor.

I used the pistachio gelato recipe from the book Making Artisan Gelato, by Torrance Kopfer and I thought it was pretty darned good!

You can find the recipe here

and go from this…

 to this!

Not the best pics, but I promise you, it is the best pistachio gelato outside of Italy!