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Note how I said sandwich and not sanguich… but that’s a whole other post in itself.

It was a lazy evening and all I really wanted was a grilled cheese sandwich. Maybe a nice green salad on the side. The girls didn’t need convincing. Emma could live on grilled cheese sandwiches. And mac & cheese. Peter was the one I could not convince. It seems that grilled cheeses are for lunch, not dinner. So he was having a pork chop with a baked potato, while we were having lunch fare.

The actual name for this Neapolitan food is “Mozzarella in Carozza”. Literally translated, it means mozzarella in a carriage. I know, it doesn’t make sense to me either. But here’s what it really is. A golden, battered and deep-fried cheese sandwich, oozing with yumminess. And it has to be the fresh mozzarella, never the dry one. I believe the dry one should really only be used for lasagne, pizza and pasta al forgo (baked pasta in the oven). It’s too bland of a cheese to use any other way, I think. And use buffalo milk mozzarella if you can wing it. Oh, what a difference that will make! Apparently, this food gave rise to the fried mozzarella stick found here in North America.

There are many variations to this sandwich. I am showing you mine. Giada De Laurentis uses smoked mozzarella – actually, that would be AMAZING! – pesto, fresh basil leaves and whole wheat bread to make hers. Naples is pretty big on anchovies and adding them in is another way of doing it. Another way is to add tomato sauce. The type of bread  can also vary from one person to another. Some use whole wheat, while others swear by white bread only. From white toast bread to ciabatta to day-old bread. It’s up to you. Try a different way each time and you decide what you like best. Hopefully you’ll try my version and enjoy it!

Buffalo Mozzarella, 2 balls (1 ball will make 3 sandwiches)
White toast bread  (2 slices for each sandwich you’re making)
Eggs, lightly beaten with salt and pepper (2 eggs if making 3 sandwiches)
Flour, enough to dredge sandwiches in
Milk, about 1/2 cup
Olive Oil, for frying, about 1/4 cup

Pour the milk in a small dish or bowl, the flour in a separate bowl and the eggs in another. Again, this step varies from one person to another. Some will combine the milk and the beaten eggs together. I keep them separate. Cut all crusts off the bread slices. Slice the Buffalo mozzarella. Make sandwiches by placing the cheese on top of 1 slice of bread, leaving a little edge and topping with a second slice of bread. Once sandwiches are made, press the edges together with you fingers. The fresher the bread, the easier it will stick together. This will prevent the cheese from oozing out once it hits the fry pan, although some people leave it open. It’s up to you.






Heat the olive oil in a fry pan on medium-low heat. Dip one sandwich in the milk first, then the flour and lastly the egg. Fry on both sides until golden and crispy. Place on paper towels while you proceed to cook the rest.



Slice in half and proceed to stuff your mouth with ooey, gooey, yumminess! Doesn’t that look fabulous? Peter did seem a little envious in the end of our lunch-fare dinner!