I have been honoured with awards from some of my fellow bloggers and I am truly appreciative. I meant to respond to these honourable mentions but then one thing lead to another and it never happened. This post is dedicated to all of you who deemed my blog worthy enough to nominate for an award.

I realize I’m doing things a little differently. And please bear with me. It is a bit of a long post, but a very important one! The rules when receiving an award are to thank those who have nominated me, which I’m doing with this post. There are also some questions to answer which might reveal something about me to my fellow bloggers that they didn’t already know. Although I cannot possibly answer ALL the questions being asked, due to my blatant neglect to do so when I should have, I will select some from each blogger and do the best I can with that. Lastly, but in my mind most importantly, I need to spread the love by passing these awards on to my fellow bloggers who I deem worthy of an award.

So, here we go…


The Sunshine Award

Way back when I had just started blogging, I was nominated for the Sunshine Award from Vina’s Delicious Recipes. If you’re looking for truly inspiring Indian dishes which scream yummy, you need to check out her blog. Thank you Veena!

Some of Veena’s questions were:

What is your favorite animal?


What is your favorite time of day?

Sunset in the summer, sitting by the lake with a cocktail in my hand!

What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?


Now, my picks for The Sunshine Award… because they fill my heart with sunshine!

Motherhood Is An Art  Melissa shows us, through her humourous and witty storytelling, how motherhood truly is an art!

Little Poppits  Love seeing what Teresa and her 3 little poppets are up to over in the U.K.!


The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Next up was the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, given to me by Samantha over at food flavor fascination. Samantha inspires me with her fresh take on multi-ethnic cuisine and Oh! so yummy desserts! Thank you Samantha!

And now, 7 things about myself…

1. I LOVE french fries, good crispy french fries

2. Actually, I LOVE potatoes in all shapes and forms EXCEPT scalloped potatoes

3. I LOVE cocktails

4. I love listening to music and singing out loud… even if I’m told not to sing!

5. I love to read

6. I LOVE Nutella

7. I LOVE everything Italian!

And now my nominees for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award… because they truly do inspire me!

from the Bartolini kitchens  John keeps the memory of his Italian family alive through truly inspiring dishes, and he inspires me to do the same!

now at home mom  Ingrid manages to accomplish so much craftiness, often with so little. If I could only have a smidgen of her flair with everything crafty!


The One Lovely Blog Award

I was awarded the One Lovely Blog Award from Fae over at Fae’s Twist & Tango. Fae creates the most beautiful dishes, with influences from Persian and Japanese/Asian cuisine, amongst others. She is one foodie I would LOVE to have as a neighbour! Let’s say she could be the neighbour to my right…

More random things about me…

1. I am a loyal friend.

2. I love the ocean.

3. I love heat.

4. I hate the cold!

I nominate for The One Lovely Blog Award…

Please Pass The Recipe  Lady Red Specs, A.K.A. Sandra, lives Down Under and amazes me with the most delicious-looking dishes! I’ve lost count of her numerous recipes which I’ve added on my “to do list”! She is the foodie I would want as my neighbour living on the other side of me, to my left!

Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy  An Indonesian living in Japan, Mama Miyuki makes Indonesian-inspired meals and Bento meals that look like a work of art! Really!


The Super Sweet Blog Award

Awarded to me by Tea With Erika. Erika creates the loveliest of sweets and if I could have tea with Erika every afternoon, it would make my day!

Super Sweet questions:

1. Cookies or cake?    Cookies

2. Chocolate or vanilla?    Vanilla for ice cream, chocolate for everything else!

3. Favourite sweet treat?    Chocolate

4. When do I crave sweets the most?    In the afternoon

I nominate for the Super Sweet Blogger Award…

Mama’s Gotta Bake  She’s bad, she’s bold… and she likes sugar! What more can I say except that if Sheryl lived next door, I would be ever so happy… and ever so HUGE!

at 350 degrees  Carissa is a high school student who bakes the most scrumptious-looking desserts! If my daughter’s could bake like this when they’re in high school, we’re in business!

THE HUNGRY MUM  The loveliest of treats, sweets and baked goods! Truly deserving of the Super Sweet Blogger Award!


The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Fae from Fae’s Twist & Tango has honoured me twice with an award! How lucky am I? Thank you Fae for deeming my blog worthy of these awards and with your always kind comments on my posts!

Here are some questions from Fae:

1. Do you prefer getting or giving presents?    Giving… but I LOVE receiving presents which my girls have made just for me!

2. Your favourite flower?    Peony

3. What is your passion?    To make people happy!

And the nominees for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award goes to:

Uni Homemaker  Anne cooks up the most mouth-watering meals and the yummiest sweets! The pictures of her food ALWAYS make me crave whatever it is she presents us with!

Vedged Out  Somer is an inspiring Vegan who has the most appetizingly yummy vegan foods EVER! If only I had her strength… When I’m looking for a vegan meal or sweet, she is my go-to girl!

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.com

The Liebster Award

Liebster, German for beloved, darling, sweetheart… and awarded to encourage those bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. Awarded to me by Please Pass The Recipe. I have mentioned up above how wonderful Lady Red Specs is with her food when I awarded her with the well-deserved One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you Sandra!

This same award was also given to me by tasty treats 13, a wonderful dessert blog by a very inspiring school-aged student who bakes yummy treats and takes them to school to share with the class! How sweet is that?

More random facts about me…

1. I LOVE summer

2. I love drinking Prosecco in the summer

3. I love to hear the sound of ocean waves crashing on the surface

4. I LOVE to hear the sound of my daughters laughing

5. I love watching movies

Questions asked by Please Pass The Recipe:

1. What do you love most about blogging?    Telling a story.

2. Red or white wine?    Red in winter, white in summer

3. What food is your guilty pleasure?    Anything with chocolate

4. What do you love most about where you live?  Montreal has that “joie de vivre” feel to it

5. Favourite lazy Sunday dinner dish?    Italian pizza purchased from the Italian baker

6. Coast or country?    Both

7. Outside family, who would you most like to have as a dinner guest?    All the bloggers mentioned in this post!

8. Favourite cookbook?    Oh! Wow, that’s a tough one… Sorry, I pass on this one!

And I now nominate for the Liebster Award:

My Easy Gourmet  Eleni has a most lovely blog with GORGEOUS pictures and absolutely beautifully-made food!

cottage grove house  I’ve only just discovered this blog and I love it! Simple yet inspiring dishes, presented with Oh! such lovely photographs! I just love that “softness” she gives to her pictures!

I thought I should add one more random thing about me to end this post. I am a procrastinator!  Hence, leaving all my thank-you’s and appreciation to my fellow bloggers until it’s almost too late!