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IMG_3989 I love Prosecco in the summer. An Italian sparkling wine that is dry or extra dry, not at all sweet. Produced in the Veneto region of Italy. Sipping it brings me back to the many days spent in Italy, enjoying it while sitting by a lake somewhere. Or in the Italian Alps with my dear friend Chiara. Other than a short jaunt to Niagara Falls, I have been spending most of my glorious summer days at the cottage with my girls, and occasionally hubby. Situated in the Eastern Townships, on beautiful Lake Memphremagog, free of neighbours, noise and WiFi.

Enjoying the fruits of our many gardens.

IMG_3397 IMG_3408IMG_3788


Receiving gifts from the girls such as gorgeous water flowers picked from the swamp during their canoe or kayak ride. IMG_3732

And not so pretty gifts too.


We are surrounded by wildlife and blackberry shrubs. Loads of blackberries. We went picking some the other day. Word of advice: don’t wear shorts when picking blackberries! When I visited with my sister the other day, she asked who I had been fighting with. My reply, the blackberry shrubs!

IMG_379520121868 20121870

IMG_3728 IMG_3719

I was excited by these black beauties and decided to bake little shortcakes and make blackberry shortcakes. When I went to the kitchen later that day to start on them, this is what I found. IMG_3736 So I poured myself a glass of Prosecco instead and went down to the lake to enjoy the view! At my favourite time of day, I might add. Between 6:00 and 7:00’ish. Most of the boats are gone, the sun is beginning to set and I might be greeted by the occasional wildlife. That’s what I’m loving these days! IMG_3993IMG_4002 IMG_4016 IMG_4015IMG_4011